WPR Show Archive
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Michelle DeBerge
Life Coach & Motivational Speaker
"Overcoming Abuse"

Beverly Basila
Certified Holistic Wellness Consultant
"Living with Gluten Sensitivity"

Janet Neal

Janet Neal
The Professional Womens Center  "Work-Life Balance"

Sue Urda
Inspirational Leader and Speaker "How to Live in Joy, Grace & Ease"

Audrey Valeriani

Motivational Speaker, Relationship Coach, Author  "Self Esteem"

Kathy Harris

Cathy Harris

Motivational Speaker , Business Coach, Author  "Tap your Strength, Passion & Purpose"

Kathy Pagnini

Motivational Speaker & Fitness Expert  "Be Fit"


Elon Bomani 

Self made millionaire    "From  Homeless to House Millionaire"

Basia Christ 

Basia Christ 

Author of The Heroine's Journey The Dark Night
"Becoming An Abuse Thriver not just a Survivor"  

Mary Major
Mary Major
Film director and Producer/TV talk show host
"Grasping Change and How To Make The Best Of It"
Vanessa Wesley Vanessa Wesley
Master Coach/Trainer
"Discovering Inner Peace And Joy With Absolute Certainty"

Valarie Hawk Valarie Hawk
Speaker/Author/ Coach

Diane Dutton Diane Dutton
Speaker/Author/ Coach

"Utilizing the Power of 5 to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality
Beverly Mahone
Beverly Mahone

Speaker/Author/Media Coach

"Pursuing Your Passion At Midlife"
Pat Burns Pat Burns

"Hip & Happening Life of Today's Rock-n-Roll Generation"
Angela Treat Lyon
Speaker/Coach/Talk Show Host

LY Marlow
Best Selling Author

"Lunch with an Author"
Carla Carter, L.Y.Marlow and Jaisun McMillian
"Surviving Abuse"
Dr. Debra Shiveley Welch
Best Selling Author

"Motherhood after Forty"
Dr. Anne Marie Evers
Talk Show Host, Columnist

"Power of Affirmations"
Shirley W. Mitchell
National Columnist/Speaker/Talk Show Host
"The Power of Positive Aging"
Tonya Mitchell Peele
Speaker/ Author /Self Renewal Expert
"Boomer Woman's Guide to Self-Renewal"
Dr. Barbara Cox, PhD
Holistic Psychologist and Transformational Coach
"Positive Outlook, Positive Life: Tips for Baby Boomers on How to Celebrate the Woman You Are!"
Debbie Zipp
Former actress on "Murder She Wrote", Producer and COO of In the Trenches Productions
"Do Work Opportunities Fade As We Age?"
Marsh Engle
Producer, Author, Speaker, Radio Host
"Defining the Dynamics of Our Lives"
Raven Blair Davis
Founder/Executive Producer/Host Women Power Talk Radio
"Special Anniversary Show: The Importance of Having a Vision"
Dotsie Bregel
Founder of the National Association of Baby Boomer Women
"Boomer Women: Where We've Been, Where We Are and Where We're Going"
Nancy Mills
Speaker, Author, Founder of Spirited Woman
"Are You a Spirited Woman?"
Kerul Kassel
Speaker, Author, Procrastination Expert
"Getting Past Procrastination to Your Dreams"
Caryn Franklin
British Fashion Expert and Television Presenter
"How to Look Fabulous at 40+"
Janis F. Kearney
Former Diarist for Bill Clinton
"The Power of Dreams and the Magic of Writing"
Lynn Scheurell
Professional Catalyst
"Discovering a New Comfort Zone After 40"
Linda Weaver Clarke
"Dreams Can Come True, Even After Age 50!"
Dannye Williamsen
"Insider Secrets to Transforming Your Dreams from Wishful Thinking to Reality"
Dr. Robyn
Relationship Expert
"How Does Your Garden Grow?: The Importance of Fertilizing Your Marriage"
Terri Levine
Master Certified Life and Business Coach
"Finding Your Passion and Running With It"
Cynthia Kersey
Speaker, Author, Trainer
"Unstoppable Woman"
Valorie N. Parker
Speaker, Author, Les Brown Speaker Agent
"From Pain to Power"
Penny Haynes
Audio/Video Consultant to Lifetime Television and Solopreneurs
"If Not Now, When?: 4 Words That Changed My Life at 40"
DC Cordova
Former business partner of Robert Kyosaki; CEO, Excellerated Business School
"Entrepreneurship for Women Over 40"
Kalin Thomas
Former CNN Travel Producer/Correspondent
Historical Travel



MLM Divas Archive
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Sheila W. Frances
"Running With Divas: The Power of The Pack"

RS Mallory
"Setting Goals and how Life gets in the Way"

Artemis Limpert
Network Marketing Coach
"Discover the rules of Playing to WIN vs Playing not to lose"

Debra Warren
Successful Networker
"Attracting Partners With Your Personal Artistry"

Sue Seward
Successful Business Developer, Internet Marketing Coach
"How To Sponsor People Into Your Business & Build A Team Online & Offline"

Wendy Weiss
The Queen of Cold Calling
"Terminate Telephone Terror Today!"

Mary Ann Hyman
Successful Networker
"Your 21 Day Road Map to Success"

Sandi Cohen
Successful Networker
"Success is Guaranteed!"

Bonnie Ross Parker
"The Connection Diva"
"Are YOU A Savvy Networker?"

Linda Giles
"The Queen of Follow-up"
"Following-Up Without Offending"

Lisa Kitter
Speaker, Author, Trainer, Success Coach
"Mastering the Art of Prospecting, Handling Objections and Closing"

Marlene Balingit
National Distributor/Trainer
"Secrets to Making a Million Dollars from Home"

Jane Deuber
Co-Founder of the DSWA
"The 5 Fatal Errors in Sponsoring"

Kim Klaver
Speaker, Author and Trainer
"Customer Acquisition"

Included on MLM Divas CD - Vol. 1

Randi Shannon
Successful Network Marketer
"Mastering the Art of Recruiting"

Included on MLM Divas CD - Vol. 1

Rene Reid Yarnell
Speaker, Trainer, Coach
"Building a Dynamic Network"

Included on MLM Divas CD - Vol. 1

Stephanie Johnson
Speaker, Trainer
"Digging For Diamonds: The Critical Principles of Success for the OTHER 90%"

Katherine Kalolo Ahching
International Distributor/Trainer
"Developing Leadership"


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