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Fran Dresher  

Cancer Survivor Fran Drescher speaks from the heart to Raven about her bout with Uterine Cancer and gives her insight on what each of us can do to prevent us from being at risk.


  • What some of the the early whispers of cancer are
  • Why early detection is so vital and should not be ignored
  • How carrying extra body fat puts you at a higher risk
  •  Hear Fran discuss a little about the new love in her life "G" and her thoughts on dating in your mid life.
  •  Why it's so important for all of us to focus on being present in the moment

All this...... and much much more - you won't want to miss this incredible heart to heart talk between Fran and Raven....make sure you share this one with a friend today!

Fran DrescherBest-selling author, accomplished actress, and cancer survivor, Fran Drescher's unique talent and comedic timing prove that she is a comedic force with the power to overcome adversity.

Drescher recently released her second book, Cancer Schmancer, which spent two weeks on The New York Times best seller list. Part inspirational cancer-survival story, part memoir-as-laugh-riot, Cancer Schmancer tells Drescher's indefatigable search for answers and the cancer she triumphantly defeated. Enter Whining, Drescher's first book, a memoir about her rise from disadvantaged child in Queens to successful actress, spent several weeks on The New York Times best seller list.

Nominated twice for Emmy and Golden Globe awards, Drescher is perhaps best known as the title character in "The Nanny," the hit situation comedy she created and produced. Drescher wrote and directed several episodes of the show, which ran for six seasons on CBS. On television, she most recently appeared in Alfonso Arau's "Picking Up the Pieces," a Cinemax telefilm co-starring Woody Allen. "Sesame Street," "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" and "Who's the Boss?" also number among her television credits.

Drescher made her feature film debut as Connie in John Badham's "Saturday Night Fever." In 1984, she left an indelible impression on both critics and film-goers with her performance as agent Bobbi Flekman in Rob Reiner's cult classic "This Is Spinal Tap." Her screen credits also include "The Beautician and the Beast," opposite Timothy Dalton, Francis Ford Coppola's "Jack," starring Robin Williams, Roger Donaldson's "Cadillac Man," with Williams and Tim Robbins, Christopher Guest's "The Big Picture," featuring Kevin Bacon, and Milos Forman's "Ragtime."

A cancer survivor, Drescher is helping to raise awareness regarding early cancer detection. To spread the word, Drescher has completed a women's gynecological public service announcement, is an advisor on the MB Anderson board, and is working to change health insurance legislature so that gynecological exams include vaginal and cervix exams. Drescher's efforts have been awarded with the American Womens' Cancer Foundation PSA Award as well as the Gilda's Club Award.

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